Looking for ideal hourglass figure, more and more celebrities participated in the waist trainer of size.

Once a signature of the Kardashian clan, everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Kerry Katona will now give the exercise a go.

What exactly is the best waist trainer of the size?

The idea is to work while wearing a tightly laced corset – and try to make the area between the hips and the breast smaller, work your belly and oblique muscles extra hard.

There are two types of corset. One is designed to improve strength and core stability, and is often used to solve problems back or help to change the weight after pregnancy.

The second work to increase the body temperature, you sweat and feel like you burn fat. The Corset Kim Kardashian is a combination of both.

Some people wear their corsets for eight hours a day, some even sleep in them.

Should I wear a corset?

Yes, references from our Victorian ancestors we take strapping all down.

But cincher size corsets are different from those worn in fashion, erotic or medical reasons – “compression underwear and shapewear” and are sometimes called

Some cheaper brands come with a zipper on the back, which means technically they are not corsets.

What are the results?

The size of the training is designed to give the user a Jessica Rabbit facial style hourglass – the size of your hips stay the same while the greasy pads and additional layers of fat melt.

The idea is that you should create your muscles by strengthening, you should create a flat stomach and a defined waist.

But when personal trainer Dalton Wong tells Harper’s Bazaar, everything starts in the kitchen.

He said, “You will never have a lean and shaped body when you eat junk food when the first step is always to improve your diet.

“It is important to remove as much excess body fat as possible, otherwise you have only strengthen the muscles that are hidden under layers of fat.”

Is it safe?

Corsets squash basically your lungs and ribs, which could make difficult long-term problems to breathe and lead when you wear too tight clothing or excessive time.

There have also been reports of powerless women as she wears – Keira Knightley in the first film of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Professor Mary Jane Minkin told Closer magazine: “Physically, it is not logical to tighten the waist by making it smaller.

“When you remove the clothes, your body will return to its usual shape.

“It is also uncomfortable, restricts the movement and, if you really wear tight, it can even make it difficult to breathe and theoretically cause coastal damage.”